JD-Tek 6500 Watt Portable Propane Generator - Industrial Grade

JD-Tek 6500 Watt Portable Industrial Grade

JD-Tek 6500 Watt Portable Propane Generator - Industrial Grade

by JD-Tek

  • 13HP/3600RPM Industrial Engine
  • OHV forced Air-Cooled, 4 Stroke
  • Output: 120V/240V, 60Hz, Rated Output: 5000W, Peak Output:5500W
  • 6.6 Gallon Fuel Tank Capacity, Fuel: Propane
  • Continuous Operating Hours: 9 Hours
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  1. Brand: JD-Tek
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Operating Oil: SF or Higher Grade; Ignition System: T.C.I.; Starting System: Recoil Hand Operated; EPA Approved; not C.A.R.B. certified-not to be sold in California
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Working well so far, September 14, 2011
This generator is several years old. I have used it for 2 power outages so far and it has worked well, but not great. One outage was in the winter and the propane regulator appeared to have frozen up. After running for a 3 or 4 hours it stalled. When I got back to it an hour later it restarted no problem. Since then I have replaced the chinese spark plug with an american plug. It used to take 5 to 10 pulls to get it to start, the last time I ran it (the first time since changing out the spark plug) it started on the 2nd pull. I try to run it every couple of months for 10-20 minutes under light load. One tip for anyone having a problem with this generator. When you turn on the propane tank, turn it on very slowly. The first time I tried to start it I turned the tank valve quickly and it would not start. Now I open it a little, wait then slowly turn it on. That seems to help. I also found that it is similar to a generator sold at one time by Sears and parts appear to be.

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